About Us

Seven Twelve Real Estate Advisor, LLC was established in late 2018 and started doing business in January of 2019. Founder and Owner Kent Meyer has been a Texas Realtor since June of 2002, practicing in the Amarillo and Canyon area. Kent was affiliated with 4 different real estate companies over the course of his first 16 years in the real estate business before starting 7:12 REA. And each one of those companies provided valuable leadership, learning opportunities, and experiences that has taken him to the place in his career to know that it was time to make his own mark in the World of Real Estate.

Now, the next most important information that you may be asking is, “Where in the world did this guy come up with a company name of 7:12 Real Estate Advisors?”.

Here is the story! A company name is a big deal anytime you are starting a business, and especially in the real estate business that is so competitive. Kent didn’t want his name on the business but wanted the company name to be a part of him and still be identifiable in the market place.

It has always been important to him to be fair to everyone that he deals with in life and in business, and treat them the way that he would like to be treated, and yes, that is the Golden Rule, “Treat others in the same way that you would like others to treat you”. So that was the basis on which the search for the company name started. One of the places that you can find The Golden Rule in the Bible is in Matthew 7:12.

Combined with the fact the Kent was born on July 12th, seventh month, twelfth day, or 7/12, that’s when 7:12 Real Estate Advisors got its name. The “real estate advisor” part is pretty easy to figure out.

Everyone at 7:12 Real Estate Advisors will work hard to earn your business and will always treat you in the same way that they want to be treated in life and in business.

If you are a client, thank you for your business! If your not a client and have a real estate need, please give us a call and let’s talk.  We would love the opportunity to earn your business and make a new friend!