What is The Vineyards of Amarillo?

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The Vineyards of Amarillo is a unique neighborhood, featuring some of the most innovative, little to zero maintenance floor plans and building materials in Amarillo. When studying the types and materials used for most new homes in Amarillo, The Vineyards of Amarillo stands uniquely apart.

The evidence in is the details.

A Unique Development

The Vineyards owns the land and designs the infrastructure. This includes how wide the streets and cul-de-sacs are. We build it like we’d live in it ourselves. The streets are wider than any other streets in Amarillo. This unique ownership of both land and the development sets The Vineyards apart from other communities. Other neighborhoods don’t have this luxury.

Other developments operate in ways that make properties fit into a set layout based upon the recommendations of a third-party developer. The Vineyards, on the other hand, designs every part of the process, including the pre-building infrastructure.

Every family should be able to afford a new home. Nielsen Communities has four decades of experience with innovative construction techniques and functional design to make it happen.

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Who is Moving to The Vineyards?

The community is diverse. From singles to newly-weds to old-timers, from police officers to construction workers to CEOs. Homes at The Vineyards of Amarillo are for anyone looking for an investment-friendly purchase of a home that requires little to no maintenance. Here are a few types of people who chose The Vineyards, maybe you are one of them?

Where is The Vineyards of Amarillo Located? What Are the Advantages of the Area?

Located at the corner of Broadway and Loop 335, the Vineyards is situated in the well-accredited Woodlands school district, including Woodlands Elementary School, De Zavala Middle School and Tascosa High Schools. The Vineyards also boasts close proximity to local hospitals, shopping and restaurants. Some may think The Vineyards is isolated and far from normal, every day neighborhood drive. But, the truth is, everything in Amarillo is within a short, 15-minute drive at the longest, including far-away, South Amarillo shopping, restaurants, etc.

What Homes are Available in the Vineyards?

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